Quality Policy

Structure Of Quality Systems

Our products are manufactured using the latest technology and fully automatic CNC Machine, CNC 4 and 4 xis vertical machining centre, CNC turning machine etc. which ensures the quality and reliability of products through a single step of manufacturing. (i.e. the raw materials to finished products). The raw materials used in these finished products are procured from approved vendors which are finalized after stringent vendor qualification.

In order to improve existing products and identify the need for new ones, we systematically monitor and evaluate the requirements of the customers. Effective quality assurance and after-sales procedures are a fundamental part of the organization’s operations.

All personnel are obliged to comply with the jointly accepted operating principles defined in the quality system. Our management supervises compliance with these principles and is also responsible for developing the quality system. Management conducts annual monitoring of quality and environmental policy and checks whether targets have been reached. Management pays particular attention to personnel motivation and competence development. We have several procedures to ensure personnel’s continued ability to meet the challenges set by the organization’s operations.

 VRortho Policy
 VRortho Quality Quality Policy

V.R.ORTHO is committed to meeting customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services, and it’s Quality Management System. The organization is committed to maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by means of internal audits, management reviews and corrective action and preventive action procedures for any Quality Management System non-conformances.

Basic structure and documentation

The Company’s quality system is a collection of the responsibilities and procedures according to which tasks assigned to the organization are implemented. The Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), the Safety Instructions (SI) issued by the administration govern our operations. These are the quality system’s key reference material. The quality system documentation as a whole provides a comprehensive description of how we handle both quality assurance, environmental and occupational safety issues